Scaretober-Movie Review: The Babdook


For the month of October I’ve dubbed it Scaretober in which I will be blogging every day in October. No, it’s not just random blogs in October but specifically scary movies movies. I’m definitely not one of those girls that enjoys scary movies by any means in fact this is a HUGE challenge for me since I’m such a wimp when it comes down to it. Some of the movies reviewed will be super scary and others will just be 90’s cheesy scary compared to today’s standards. There will be a few days during this month that I will be putting up more than one posts, because sometimes you can’t hold any awesome back when it comes to the blog.

Today’s movie is The Babadook.

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Apparently this movie is one of the must watch scary movies for this year. Sorry that this post is a bit late today, but things have been crazy in my life. I’ll talk more about that in another post perhaps.

Here’s the rundown on the movie: It’s a 2014 Australian thriller in which a boy named Samuel begins to throw tantrums to get his single mother’s attention. His mother is still so distraught over the loss of her husband on the day her son was born that she can’t give him the attention he deserves. One day a book called Mister Babadook appears on Samuel’s shelf. He asks his mother to read it as his bedtime story, but when she does is horrified that it deals with monsters and dying. Soon after Samuel is building weapons and telling everyone he knows about the Babadook and how he is coming to kill them. His mother gets fed up with his talk over the Babadook that she tries to destroy the book repeatedly and then one night has an encounter with the Babadook. The encounter repeats itself over the next couple of days.

I will keep to my promise and not spoil this movie entirely. I actually liked this movie more than I would like to admit, but I will say that it was super scary and I probably had to stop it several times while watching it. While writing this post  I also did some research and found that when this movie came out there was even a production of the same book seen in the movie launched by fans. I don’t think that you can get the book anymore. In any case it was a great scary movie to watch and I would recommend it but not something that I would watch again anytime soon.

I hope that you will keep following along with this Scaretober series to see what other movies I review. See you soon!

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