Scaretober-Movie Review: A Haunting at Silver Falls

Today’s movie is A Haunting at Silver Falls.

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I had about this movie before, but had never seen it so I thought that I would give it a shot. Oh yeah, I know I’m behind on post regularly so some days you may see more than one post as I’m trying to catch up. Back to the real reason you are here.

Here’s a quick run down of this 2011 movie. At the beginning of the movie, it claims to be based on a true story. You then see a young girl running through the woods when she appears to be grabbed by someone or something. Flash  forward 20 years and a girl named Jordan has just started living with her aunt and uncle since her father died from cancer and her mother died when she was still young. Jordan and her new boyfriend, Larry decide to go to a party near Silver Falls. Larry tries to get Jordan to do drugs to seduce her and then tells her a few stories about Silver Falls including that it is ghost town , USA. Soon the party gets broken up by the cops and leaving Jordan and Larry get separated. Jordan wanders in the woods and finds a silver ring on the ground and puts it on her index finger. When Jordan gets home and tries to take the ring off she realizes that she can’t. Apparently the owner of the ring is a dead girl and she has followed Jordan home and wants her ring back. A few days later at school Larry wiggles the ring off Jordan’s finger but then is suddenly appears back on her finger, like it’s suppose to be there. Soon mysterious things start to happen around Jordan’s house that make her aunt and uncle worry about her and order her to see larry’s dad who’s a psychologist. Things start to make very little sense toward the end of the movie.

I will keep to my promise and not spoil the entire movie for you. Why do all the horror movies end in what feels like an incomplete way? There was so many holes in this movie that simply didn’t add up, like why didn’t Jordan just go to the town library to look up information on the deaths in Silver Falls. Why doesn’t the father of the twins appeal his conviction since he knows that he’s innocent? Why is all the time he’s in prison is he allowed to keep his ring? Overall the movie has some pretty good jump scares , but there’s no gore or any blood at all. If you were interested in the movie I would recommend you watching it, but overall it wasn’t a great movie.

I hope that you enjoyed this selection of the Scaretober series and that you will keep coming back throughout the month to see what other movies I watch. Also if you would like to see what movies that I have watched in the past you can find them here.  Also feel free to leave suggestions on videos or movies that you think I should watch. See you soon!


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