Scaretober-Movie Review: Dream House


For the month of October I’ve dubbed it Scaretober in which I will be blogging every day in October. No, it’s not just random blogs in October but specifically scary movies movies. I’m definitely not one of those girls that enjoys scary movies by any means in fact this is a HUGE challenge for me since I’m such a wimp when it comes down to it. Some of the movies reviewed will be super scary and others will just be 90’s cheesy scary compared to today’s standards. There will be a few days during this month that I will be putting up more than one posts, because sometimes you can’t hold any awesome back when it comes to the blog.

Today’s movie is Dream House.

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I had heard about this movie for a while and when it showed up on my Netflix recommendations for scary movies I knew I had to watch it. We all probably know about my woes with Netflix, well I’m hoping that this movie makes up for the past couple.

Here’s the rundown on the movie: Daniel Craig stars a Will Atenton, a corporate editor who has just quit his job to move to a quaint New England town to write his first book. At first his family appears to love their new house, but unbeknownst to them it was the site of several tragic murders. Will decides that he’s going to look for the only surviving member of the family, the father Peter Ward. On his search, he discovers that he is Peter Ward and he gave himself the name Will Atenton while in the psychiatric ward.

I will keep to my promise and not spoil this movie entirely. I actually enjoyed watching this movie a lot more than I expected. The plot twist in the middle of the movie with Will Atenton actually being Peter Ward is crazy! This movie is definitely a bit confusing if you aren’t paying attention, so pay attention. This movie was creepy, but not the blood and gore type. I definitely recommend that you at least give this movie a chance and I think you will be impressed with Daniel Craig’s acting ability.

I hope that you will keep following along with this Scaretober series to see what other movies I review. See you soon!

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