Scaretober-Movie Review: Friend Request

scaretober 2020

Welcome to the seventh day of October! I hope that your year has been going well. If you have been with me a while, you will know that every year I attempt to watch a lot of scary movies for October mostly to cure myself of my wariness of scary movies. When I started this series several years ago, I could barely sit through a scary movie to save my life. Now since doing this series I can say that I am much better. Last year, I decided to attempt to add books to this series. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up completing this series last year, but I have high hopes for this year 😉

The seventh movie this year is Friend Request.

Here’s a quick rundown of the movie: This one came as a recommendation of Netflix and if have been with me a while you will know that Netflix hasn’t given me good recommendations in the past. This may fall under the same, it was good but not rewatch worthy. At the opening of the movie a professor gives his class the news that one of their classmates,Mariana has committed suicide and that it was filmed and posted on the school’s website. The camera zooms in on one girl Laura, and then flashes back several months before when Laura decided to befriend Mariana and then after several scary encounters unfriends her on social media, which take us back to the opening scene. Soon all of Laura’s actual friends begin to have suicidal moments and all of them turn up dead. Laura goes on a journey to figure out Mariana’s past and what has been occurring.

I won’t give you the ending because that would defeat the purpose of these reviews. I will say that the ending leaves you wondering if its actually over and leave it open for a sequel. I liked the movie though it give me a bit of jump scares and the idea of being killed by a killer that is unseen creeps me out beyond reason.

Let me know if you have seen this movie and what you thought of this movie. If you haven’t seen this movie, but let me know if you would be interested in seeing it. If you have any scary movie recommendations feel free to leave it in the comments before. If you have been liking these posts feel free to stay tuned because I have plenty more coming during this month, even one tomorrow

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