Scaretober: Movie Review-Red Dragon

scaretober 2020

Welcome to the twenty-eighth day of October! I hope that your year has been going well. If you have been with me a while, you will know that every year I attempt to watch a lot of scary movies for October mostly to cure myself of my wariness of scary movies. When I started this series several years ago, I could barely sit through a scary movie to save my life. Now since doing this series I can say that I am much better. Last year, I decided to attempt to add books to this series. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up completing this series last year, but I have high hopes for this year 😉

Today’s movie in case you haven’t figured it out is Red Dragon starring Edward Norton and Anthony Hopkins. It was just a year of big horror movies around here because if you recall earlier this month I finally made it through and reviewed Silence of the Lambs for you, feel free to check out that post before you read this. I know that there are several parts to the Hannibal Lector story and I eventually would love to see them all, but right now we are still here.

Red Dragon in case you haven’t heard about it is the prequel to Silence of the Lambs in which Dr. Lector at the beginning of the movie is still a free man and is a famed psychologist who is working with an FBI profiler, Will Graham to figure out who the serial killer of the current string of murders are. One night, Will comes to Dr. Lector’s home with a theory and while still there put together that Dr. Lector is the serial killer that the FBI has been searching for. Will and Dr. Lector struggle, but Dr. Lector is arrested by police and eventually put in the psych ward of a hospital as we know. Will is seriously injured in the fight and takes months to recover during which he leaves the FBI and moves his family to Florida.

Here’s where the bulk of the story begins and I promise I won’t spoil the ending. Will Graham is tracked down for his help with a serial killer case that has been occurring up and down the East Coast. They insist that Will is the only person that can get inside the killer’s head. Will after some prodding takes the case, but also admits to needing Dr. Lector’s help and begins to visit him asking him for advice on the case. It isn’t long before Will and the FBI discover that the serial killer and Dr. Lector have been corresponding to the extent it puts Will’s family endanger. While all this is going on we see glimpses of the serial killer through his fascination with the Dr. Lector case and his interactions with his co-workers.

This movie definitely gave some insight as to the animosity that Dr. Lector has toward being held captive for his crimes and to find someone his equal. If you have seen Silence of the Lambs I would definitely recommend watching this movie for more of Dr. Lector.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you will stay tuned to more movie reviews that will be coming soon as we round out this edition of Scaretober. See you soon!

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