Scaretober-Movie Review: Sleepy Hallow


For the month of October I’ve dubbed it Scaretober in which I will be blogging every day in October. No, it’s not just random blogs in October, but specifically scary movies. I’m definitely not one of those girls that enjoys scary movies by any means in fact this is a HUGE challenge for me since I’m such a wimp when it comes down to it. Some of the movies reviewed will be super scary and others will just be 90’s cheesy scary compared to today’s standards. I started this back in 2013 have not really been back to this challenge since, I do try to keep all the movies I watch on here as ones that are currently available to the public mostly through Redbox or Netflix.

Today’s movie is Sleepy Hallow

Sleepy Hollow Poster

I probably have seen this movie in the past, but honestly I can’t remember. I do know that this is a Tim Burton film based on the story of Sleepy Hallow, but it has a twist. The film generally follows the story of Sleepy Hallow where a man named Icabod Crane comes to town and falls in love with Katrina Van Tassel. In this version though Icabod is a magistrate of the court sent to figure out who is responsible for the murders in Sleepy Hallow. On his first night in town he is told the story of the Headless Horseman and from his practical and scientific perspective does not believe that, that really is the answer to the murders. Icabod then witnesses several murders done by the Horseman in which he survives and the other people don’t. During his stay in Sleepy Hallow Icabod is also haunted by dreams of his mother and who she was. He continues to search for a logical explanation for the Horseman when he is lead to a witch who leads him to the Horseman’s resting place and he forms his theory on who the killer really is. Icabod soon leaves town before realizing that his theory is all wrong about the controller of the Horseman and comes back just in time to save Katrina Van Tassel’s life and then take her and a boy away from Sleepy Hallow for good.

I ‘ll admit that this movie was only slightly scary, but I really love the imagery and artistry that Tim Burton puts into his films. I also love the fact that Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci are in the film and do a fairly good job of acting in it. I would definitely not market this as a horror movie, but more of a thriller since it does have some jumpy parts to it.
I hope that you are enjoying this Scaretober series and will continue reading along all this month!


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