Scaretober-Movie Review:A Quiet Place

scaretober 2020

Welcome to the fourteenth day of October! I hope that your year has been going well. If you have been with me a while, you will know that every year I attempt to watch a lot of scary movies for October mostly to cure myself of my wariness of scary movies. When I started this series several years ago, I could barely sit through a scary movie to save my life. Now since doing this series I can say that I am much better. Last year, I decided to attempt to add books to this series. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up completing this series last year, but I have high hopes for this year 😉

On the fourteenth day, today’s movie is A Quiet Place. This movie came highly recommended by a number of people and I am glad that I finally had the opportunity to watch it.

Here’s a quick rundown of the movie in case you haven’t heard of it before, which honestly would have been a bit surprising. . At the opening of the movie, a family is seen shopping in the supermarket in what looks to be an abandon town. While in shopping, the youngest child finds an airplane toy and tries to convince his deaf sister and father to get it for him. When the father says no for the second time, his sister sneaks the toy to him as they are leaving the store. The family leaves town and heads toward the bridge, just as they are crossing the bridge the child turns on the airplane creating noise. The father races toward the child in hopes of saving him, but doesn’t make it in time and the child is killed by the creatures. Flash forward to a year later, the family is living in a farm house and preparing for a new baby as well as trying to keep as silent as much as possible to hide from the creatures. The majority of the movie takes place over a day and a half with a number of twists all of which I won’t spoil.

I also won’t spoil it for you since there is a sequel that is supposed to be out later this year if it isn’t out already. I hope to watch it and write a review here probably in a later post during this series. I thought that this movie was really done, since the majority of movie is done through American Sign Language and through silence. The daughter is also deaf and for a good chunk of the movie is unable to hear sounds. The creatures are also known to have hearing issues, which being silent in the movie is so important. I would definitely recommend watching this movie.

Let me know if you have seen this movie and what you thought of it. If you have already seen the sequel let me know if you would recommend it. I hope that you have been enjoying this series and will stay tuned for more posts. See you again soon!

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