Seven Day Push: Count your blessings


Tom the turkey and his fellow compatriot failed out of AA and were convicted of assault with a sentence of death on Thursday, November 24.

All joking aside though I’m feeling quite grateful this year and this Thanksgiving I’m  remembering to Count my blessings or at least 5 of them with the Seven Day Push blog.

1. I am grateful for my family. For every day even they are my strength and even though we fight and bicker at the end we are always there for each other. Grandma, I’m missing you and your house this Thanksgiving.

2. I am grateful for my job.  It isn’t glamorous and I sometimes have to fight an uphill battle, but every day I know I have a job to go to is one more thing I’m grateful for.

3. I am grateful for health. This year alone I have seen and known people who have been dealt with great illnesses and pain I could not imagine going through. So, this year I am lucky enough to be healthy enough to do the things I want to do .

4. I am grateful for where I live. I am lucky enough to be born, raised, and still currently living in Hawaii. It is beautiful beyond measure and for some it looks like heaven. To me it’s home for now.

5. I am grateful for my friends. Though we may be close or far away, though we only know each other through a digital screen. I appreciate your kind words, your thoughts, your opinions and your openness. I respect all of this in each of you even though, I may disagree with certain parts of it.


Happy Thanksgiving! Continue to be thankful and grateful.

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