Seven Day Push: Defining Success

This post should have been done sooner, but was not. A couple of weeks ago, the Seven Day Push challenge was to define success for you. I really struggled with this challenge not because I didn’t know what success meant to me, but because lately that definition had been changing for me especially at work.

I had always thought I’d been doing okay at work not great, but acceptable.  So when my co-worker sprung the news upon me that there was heavy consideration for closing my section of the company. While, shock is one way to put it I was not completely taken aback by the idea. I understand NOW where the idea came from and where we are going as a company. As I have mentioned in several Monthly Questions and an occasional Tantalizing Tuesday work has been busy because I’m getting a new boss, who is changing the way the company defines success.

My new boss lets me dream up crazy ideas and sometimes has to draw me back down to earth. I’ve been consciously working on more events and sitting in less meetings planning, which is way more fun for me. The new boss knows that the definition of success is not going to change over night in the company, but with continued effort we can change it.  I’m hoping that with work I’ll be able to get time on my side and not just be able to call things a success because people hear about them and a certain number of them come, but because they are actually a success in terms of achieving goals.

My new boss is taking the little achievements as they come and realizing that we may have negativity, but in the long run it is going to help us achieve our goals by taking in the negativity and using it to our advantage. He currently has me reading Al Costa’s Habits of Mind to help reshape my thinking of success. It’s definitely been work the read so far.

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