Seven Day Push: Saying Thanks

This post should have gone up sooner, like A LOT sooner. I’m on the way to celebrating Thanksgiving possibly three times this month and I do have a lot to be thankful for and grateful about. Though in the past couple of weeks, I have been especially realizing that I probably don’t say thank you enough.

My parents have never really appeared to me as affectionate people and they probably actually are, but I’ve never witnessed it. It is also in that respect, that even though we are extremely thankful for what the other person does we tend not to say it out loud. My brother, on the otherhand, somehow developed such manners while living away, that my parents often wonder where he came from.  He says thank you for everything, and seriously he does!

When I saw that the Seven Day Push  blog doing a weekly challenge on saying thank you I decided to give it a shot.  I wanted people to know that I was truly thankful and grateful for them. I started an easy one first, my co-worker. I thanked him for giving me advice during this week on my relationship issues. I also thanked him for cooking the turkey for the early Thanksgiving celebration I hosted at the workplace.  Saying thank you to him was relatively easy and he brushed it off for the most part.

I, then started saying thank you to the new boy in my life. I know that while, it is still new it is easy to get caught up in the world wind that is happening and it is easy to feel thankful and grateful, but it takes a conscious effort to say thank you. He too brushed it off for the most part, but also consciously says thank you all the time to people.

I have also started to more consciously say thank you to my parents. I try to thank them for something every week, if I don’t remember every day. I know that they have done a lot for me. While, they brush it off like it is no big deal, I can start to see that our relationship is changing .

Thank you Seven Day Push blog for this weekly challenge.

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