Sisterhood Everlasting

Sisterhood EverlastingSisterhood Everlasting (Sisterhood, #5) by Ann Brashares
Published by Random House on August 5, 2011
Pages: 349

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Ann Brashares comes the welcome return of the characters whose friendship became a touchstone for a generation. Now Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget have grown up, starting their lives on their own. And though the jeans they shared are long gone, the sisterhood is everlasting.

Despite having jobs and men that they love, each knows that something is missing: the closeness that once sustained them. Carmen is a successful actress in New York, engaged to be married, but misses her friends. Lena finds solace in her art, teaching in Rhode Island, but still thinks of Kostos and the road she didn’t take. Bridget lives with her longtime boyfriend, Eric, in San Francisco, and though a part of her wants to settle down, a bigger part can’t seem to shed her old restlessness.

Then Tibby reaches out to bridge the distance, sending the others plane tickets for a reunion that they all breathlessly await. And indeed, it will change their lives forever—but in ways that none of them could ever have expected.

As moving and life-changing as an encounter with long-lost best friends, Sisterhood Everlasting is a powerful story about growing up, losing your way, and finding the courage to create a new one.

I’m back again with yet another book review. Yes, my intensity for reading and catching up on my Goodreads goal has been rather intense in the past couple of posts, but I’m glad that it’s happening. I am official finished with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series with this review. If you want to read my other reviews on the series you can read them here and here. This is the final book in the main series although there are a few books that are off shots that Ann Brashares also wrote that involve sisterhood and friendships as well.

The last book of the series is marketed as an adult book simply because it takes place 10 years later and the characters are now just about to hit 30 and have learned to swear. Here’s a quick summary of the book with no spoilers:

To be honest aside from the twist in the book, I thought that book was rather bland and uneventful. I felt that in some ways I was reliving the same problems that came up in the final book of the original series. I also felt as if the characters never grew up and didn’t deal with their problems very well. Overall, though I do adore the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series by Ann Brashares I would give this novel a hard pass. It would just be easier to imagine Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget living their lives as grownups rather than read this novel.

Let me know if you have read this novel or any of the other books in this series and what you thought of it. Would you recommend revisiting any of your favorite series? Hope to see you soon in another post.


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