Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series


I know it has been a bit since I had written here, but life got in the way and I’m finally getting to a very normal place.I already talked about my thoughts on the first book in the series as well as the movie here. Well, here are more thoughts on the series from books 2-4.

Once I finished the first book I quickly jumped into the second book, which takes place the following summer after the first book. In this book, we find Bridget still dealing with the effects of last summer, as well as finding out that her mother’s parents still live in Alabama and has been trying to get in contact with her and her brother for years. Bridget impulsively heads to Alabama to rekindle the relationship with the her grandmother as well as find herself. Tibby sets off for a summer film program and also finds that she can’t shake the effects of last summer with losing Bailey and Mimi and becoming a bit more than friends with Brian. As if it weren’t enough, it appears that Lena is also haunted by last summer still being in love with Kostos and then discovering that her heart can be broken in a million more ways than she knows how to deal with. Carmen appears to have her summer together baby- sitting for a neighborhood family and finally being asked out by her crush. Slowly, her summer begins to unravel when her mother begins to date and her step sister shows up on her doorstep wanting to be like her.

In book three Girls in Pants, we find the Sisterhood in their last summer officially together before they start college and it seems that everything is about to change in their lives and not everyone is ready for that change. Tibby is afraid of change and new things and after a scary experience with her sister, she discovers that she needs to find a way to face the future. Lena determined to become an artist has to confronts some realities that she has been hiding from since last summer. Bridget, while she is the only one going away for the summer runs straight into someone from her past which brings up old memories and things she wasn’t quite ready to face and the reality that everything may not be as set in stone as she once thought she had them. Carmen has to deal with the biggest change of all with her mom getting married and finding out that her mother is pregnant with her half sibling.

In the final book of the original series, we catch up with the Septembers right as their first year of college has past and they starting to come into their own as adults. At first the summer starts off strange when there is no normal kick off party at Gilda’s for the pants this year. Carmen has spent the better part of the year feeling lost and becoming a stagehand to a popular actress at school only to find that she may have been hiding from herself all along. Bridget goes an archeological dig to Turkey only to discover that she has been not missing and missing everything at the same time including her new boyfriend Eric. Tibby discovers that growing up is more challenging than she realizes and that she just wants everything to stay the same. Lena while taking an art class during summer school realizes that everything is changing and she isn’t so sure that she is ready for that change.

I’m really glad that I was finally able to finish this series even though it has taken me a while to do so. I also found that it brought back wonderful memories of reading the start of the series at the beginning of college and feeling a bit of the same emotions. While, there are a few inappropriate moments throughout the book series, we see the girls grow and come into their own as adults. I would definitely recommend this series if you love stories about friendship and growing up.

Hope to see you soon in another post.

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