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Today I will be linking up with Jessica from Lovely Little Things for a Smell the Roses post. I have not done one of these in a while, but I definitely want to start doing more of these and trying to get myself on a more consistent blogging schedule. I hope that you won’t mind if there are previous Smell the Roses challenges posted up in the next couple of weeks, because they were ones that I really wanted to do and did not get a chance to do until now.

First off, I’d like to apologize beforehand because there will be quite a few pictures on this post because I really want you to understand the amazingness of my job. I have not really talked about my job in the past because:
1. I hated my boss at the time. He didn’t know how to be a boss and didn’t let me live up to my most amazing potential that I could have with this job.
2. As many of you know and I have mentioned before I do live in Hawaii and there are certain aspects of my job that will tell you exactly who I was and where I worked *no stalkers please*

I did mention one of my big bosses speeches that was featured around online during the holidays in a Tantalizing Tuesday post. Things have definitely changed since I started my job especially in the past six months to a year. I work at a local church and last year I got 2 new big bosses, which have definitely set the tone for the next couple of years to come. The new bosses bring a new and younger vision for the future which is exactly what the organization needs. In January, it was announced that I would be getting a new immediate boss and also because of my new immediate boss’s vision for what he wanted to do during his tenure he had my co-worked moved into my office.  I can now mention what I do to some extent because all my bosses to some extent know that I blog and so does my co-worker, although they think it is a bit dorky. We have a blog on some of the events we do and you can read it here (i haven’t had a chance to update it in a while).

My job used to work with young adults and to plan educational events. I would also help my co-worker with his youth camp during Spring Break, which I probably have glossed over in a few Tantalizing Tuesday post. My job now is beginning to change to where I will be working more with adults and developing things with the community. I’m not sure how I feel about all this just yet, I know that change is inevitable, but right now I feel as if I’m floating into the unknown.

Here are things in pictures that I’ve appreciated about my job:


One of the ministers that moved closer to my job site knows how to make mochi from scratch and has been teaching us the basic techniques. Above pictured is a mochi called Chi Chi Dango it’s a pink and white layered mochi that is covered lightly in flour. If you could taste the picture I’m sure you’d enjoy it. He’s a multi-talented man and one day possibly when he retires from the ministry will open up his own mochi shop with all the recipes that he’s been concocting in his kitchen.

For our church Commemoration in 2009 one of the workshops wanted to make a rather large Peace Dove from chicken wire and cloth. I’m glad that the coordinator finished it in time and that people were able to see it during the commemoration. I believe that it may still take flights in the Peace Day Parade in September.


Also during our Commemoration in 2009 I got to Jake Shimabukuro perform. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will. He’s an ukulele virtuoso that has been taking the world by storm. He’s had some amazing opportunities come his way and he’s only in his 30s. Next to him in the picture is a friend of mine Kirk Shimabukuro, no they are not related. He does hope to follow in Jake’s footsteps though. It was amazing to watch them perform together.

I can’t remember when this was possibly in 2008. I have the pleasure of attending quite a few banquets/luncheons for work. At some of the banquets they honor people and organizations that have been peace makers or have made a difference in the community. Pictured above is me with Dr. Earl Bakken. Dr. Bakken created the first artificial heart and that’s a pretty amazing thing. It really was an honor to meet him.

As part of my job we work quite a bit with Japan. I don’t speak Japanese as fluently as I would like to, but I’m definitely trying. In 2010 I got to chaperone one of the youth trips to Japan. This photo was taken in Kyoto in front of one of the Imperial Gates that we visited and was actually taken by the official church photographer using my camera. It was a really great experience to go on that trip and I’m still in touch with all the youth. This trip has also had me wanting to spend a year traveling through Japan, but that’s for another time.

While in Japan on the youth trip, we had the honor of hearing the Gagaku play for us. Gagaku is a type of Japanese classical music that was usually played for the Imperial court. I’ve heard them play twice so far and will get to hear them play again in the coming weeks of June. If I remember I’ll try and record some of it for you, but I’m going to warn you beforehand that it it takes quite a specialized ear to listen to them. I know quite a few people that don’t like them.

I was lucky enough to see Cherry Blossoms at one of the job locations farther away from us. The trees have its roots in Japan and because of the crazy weather that we have been experiencing in the past few years the blossoms have been blooming earlier and earlier in recent years. This photo was taken by my co-worker on his much higher quality camera.


The above 2 photos are from the Peace Day celebration that was held a few years back. In the second photo the man in the suit is head of the ONLY official Peace Day Parade held in the world. You can see it on the Big Island of Hawaii in September. They even have it live streamed on the web. This year it will be on Saturday September 22.


In 2010 we had several officials from affiliated church groups come through for a very special conference. As one of the activities for the officials as part of the conference was to tour the Arizona Memorial. At the time tours at the Arizona Memorial were closed because they were renovating the exhibit to add new accommodations for the century. I have been to the Arizona Memorial several times throughout my school year, but this tour was special because we got to go around the whole Pearl Harbor bay and see the monuments marking where all the ships were the day of the attack.

This job is a blessing although I admit that throughout the years it hasn’t been easy. I hope that this gives you a bit of an insight into what I do 🙂


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  1. Wow your job seems to entail A LOT!
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    I hope that you enjoy the next direction that your job takes you, girl!
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  2. Wow! So great that you are so involved and that you work for a church! Awesome!

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