Smell the Roses: Surprises…

Today I’m linking up with Jessica from Lovely Little Things for Smell the Roses. This past week’s challenge was to surprise someone. I think that I surprised quite a few people last week, but I’m only able to show you a partial picture of one.

When KonaBoy and I were away visiting his family (more on this in an upcoming blog post) I found some pretty earrings that I thought my boss’s wife would like so I got them for her. She doesn’t often get things from me, but once in a while it is good. I gave her the earrings and she really liked them. My boss even told me that she tried to wear them to a fancy dinner they went to last week!

I’m not sure if this counts as a surprise. KonaBoy had met with my boss earlier this year just to chat about life and such and ended up showing him one of the poems he had written a long time ago. My boss decided to publish it in our newsletter, so that other people could enjoy his work. KonaBoy was embarrassed but agreed to be published. FINALLY the newsletter with his poem was published and I took a copy to him and he was still pretty embarrassed that he got published but I think he was a little stoked as well. Below is the poem for you to read.

Thanks for this wonderful tag!


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  1. Thanks for linking up, girl 🙂

    That’s so sweet – most people don’t really think to surprise their boss’ wife!
    And I have to say…I think that poem is beyond awesome….some serious talent!

    Happy Wednesday, girl!

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