Movie Review: Song of the South


I finally got my hands on the Song of the South dvd and had a spare minute to watch it. The dvd came to me really fast 2 days after I ordered it in a bubble envelope and a flatter dvd case. If you’ve been in an office supply store you know which case I’m talking about. The dvd was undamaged in any way although there might be a flaw in making of the case, but whatever.

I had seen this movie for about a minute in college when my roommate had borrowed it from her family. She also had to do some hunting for her dvd. Since then, I’ve been dying to own the dvd and was having an incredibly hard time finding it since it has been banned in the United States since it’s release in the 1940s. There are some conflicting reports on when it was banned some say it was never released beyond the theatrical release others say that it had a limited release and upon controversy was pulled from the market never to be seen again.

Regardless of the release controversy, the movie is very well done.  The dvd quality is great and it is not in the restored edition and I would disagree with people who like the restored versions of classic movies better. The dvd shows the colors beautifully in their original form, the music is in its original form as well. I do understand that at the time the racial slurs in the movie were not appropriate. If I had lived back then might have been on the side to ban the movie on that alone.

However, in today’s society I would push for the movie to be re released or to be made available under certain context. The illustration of racial and class separation shown in the movie could be used a teaching tool in the classroom. The stories by Uncle Remus of Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox would also be helpful and teaching tools. The songs is the movie are catchy and could certainly use a new audience. I believe that Disney is doing itself a disservice by holding the movie in the vault and yet having the characters Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, and Brer Fox wander around the park for people to take pictures with. Splash Moutain is also a fairly popular ride and it would make the ride even more popular if people knew the story behind it.

Buy the dvd here: Song of the don’t forget to sign the petition!

Also to find out more about Uncle Remus visit Uncle Remus .com

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