Summer Goals

I got back from short vacation to see a friend’s beautiful wedding and to see that wonder that was once a college town of mine, I find that I have so much to do and so much to accomplish.

Here’s a short list:

1. Schedule my GRE test at the UH testing center, i’ve procrastinated for too long

2. Relearn Japanese-i’m ordering Primsleur in about 2 seconds

3. Read at least 50 books this summer

4. Finish my presentation for convention which is in 3 weeks

5. Go to at least 2 bon dances

6. Do at least 10 scrapbook pages

7. Blog at least once a week

8. Finally do my youtube video which I’ve procrastinated forever

9. Get back to church/temple more often

10. Watch Repo! the genetic musical

The list shall be edited and if you would like an update you can ask me. I seriously fail at keeping my goals.

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