Summer Project 10 Pan update #1


Hello Everyone!

I am 2 weeks into my Summer Project 10 pan and have already finished 2 products yay! I feel like I am making progress and that is good. I finished the Plant Botanicals lotion and the Sugar Rose lip treatment. As stated since the Project 10 pan has only just begun I am adding in products to keep myself motivated.  I have added in my Bath & Body Works body spray in Paris and my Nars Orgasm blush.  I have also made some progress on other products and no progress on others. For a full recap, please watch the video below. I apologize for the shakey quality of it I am using a different camera to film and as high quality as the picture is I just did not feel like getting ready the day I filmed it.

Let me know your thoughts and whether you are doing a Project Pan and have made any progress. Hope to see  you soon!


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