Summer Project 10 Pan update #2


Hello Everyone!
I know that this update is a little late, but I did not like the footage from the first time I filmed the video and just recently got the chance to film again. I will be doing another update video this week, since I hope to have made some more progress on my Project 10 Pan.

For this update though I finished off my Urban Decay xxx shine gloss in Carney and one of Juice Beauty CC cream samples in Warm Glow. I have made some progress on the rest of the items, but not enough to finish them off.  Also on this update I chose not to include anymore products, but with this coming week if I do finish off products I will be including them. You can watch a full update on my progress and all the videos in included in this Project 10 pan in my playlist below.

Hope to see you in another post soon!


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