Summer Project 10 Pan

Hello Everyone!
This post is a a bit late, but on June 15 I officially started my Summer Project 10 Pan. I am so excited to start this project for the summer. I will be doing this the way PrettyPistol86  or Cherish does it on youtube, which is that she gives herself a specific time period to use up her products and during that period if she finishes the products she can also substitute other products into the Project 10 Pan to keep herself motivated and I love that she does this. I am giving myself until September 15 to finish this project. You can watch my introduction video below. Also expect official update videos every 2 weeks and if you want unofficial updates you can follow me on instagram or twitter to see if I have finished anything when I haven’t updated. I hope that you will join me in a Project 10 Pan of your own or leave me encouragement. I hope to see you in another post soon!

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