Sunday Confessions v 1.8

Today, I’m once again linking up with Alyx from Every day is a New Adventure for Sunday Confessions. It’s been a nice relaxing weekend which I’m glad I’ve finally had one and sadly I’m not sure when I’m getting another one.

1. I’m supposedly organizing the NCAA playoffs brackets for work and yet I have not checked the standing of any of the teams or hardly watched any Basketball this month. I really should get on that.

2. If you finally see me commenting on old blog posts that you have written please don’t mind me. I have finally had a moment to catch up on reading my blogs and I’m glad that your post stirred me to comment even though it may be late.

3. I will actually be posting more this week because I have motivation to do so the question of at the moment is if I’ll actually have the time. * oh ponder*

4. I love it when I accomplish things as much as I love sleeping and I’ve done a ton of both this weekend.

5. I always wonder if my movie reviews are helpful and if I should post reviews on movies that I watch on Netflix. I want to do a few  of those.

I hope that you had a fabulous weekend and are looking forward to a good week. See you soon!

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