Sunday Confessions v 1.3

Yay! It’s finally time for another Sunday Confessions from me and once again I’m linking up with Everyday is a New Adventure. First off, how is it already the middle of August!?!? Where did my summer go?!? The University starts tomorrow and I’m so not looking forward to driving in traffic it’s going to be crazy!

1. I ‘m finally catching up on reading and writing blogs. So *fingers crossed* you’ll have at least 3 blog posts this week. This past couple weeks have been hell and I have definitely been having trouble balancing my real life and my blog life, but it’s going to be getting better!

2. Tomorrow if I can convince my boss that I need a break I might get to see GroupLove perform this song in a live private show.

I promise it was kind of accident, but it was an amazing wonderful accident and I really do hope that it works out 🙂 I’ll let you know in another post soon.

3. This weekend has been a crazy one half of which I could erase. Friday was a holiday for me, but with very little sleep from the night before it didn’t feel like a holiday and then there was even more issues yesterday, followed by issues today so I’m hoping for a very good week ahead of me!

4. I actually got my second class action settlement check in the mail this week! I don’t do those things very often and I know quite a few people are skeptical about if they settle the suits and if people actually get money. I can tell you that people actually get money from these suits because I’m a prime example 🙂

5. I have painted my nails twice in the past three days because it never fails that after I paint my nails and get my hands all nice. I have to clean and end up with messed up nails. But I think my nails are super excited to have polish on them since I haven’t worn polish on them since then middle of June.

I hope that you had a fabulous weekend and  are looking forward to a fabulous week! See you soon!


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