Sunday Confessions v 1.7

Oh geez…. I suck so bad. I failed National Blog Posting Month, I tried and tried, but the last couple of weeks have been hellish and I haven’t even been able to keep up with reading all my daily blogs. I have approximately 500 in my queue right now. So sad, I know.

Today though…. I’m linking up with Alyx from Every Day is a new Adventure for another Sunday Confessions.

1. My family and I have stopped making Thanksgiving dinner from scratch years ago and it doesn’t hurt because in Honolulu you can order a full turkey dinner with all the fixings from a restaurant for a price. The actual confession is that the place we ordered from this year SHORTED US ON STUFFING! I mean there was only stuffing in the bird and none others and I love stuffing. It was so sad I nearly cried 🙁

2. My family and I went to the game that the university played. I was super stoked because not only did the team win (they have been having a bad season), but they also auctioned off their special jerseys for charity. Yesterday was military night and I’m not sure if it was timed for November but this was the first year that the university teamed up with Under Armor to get special jerseys for the game and then auction them off for the Wounded Warrior project.

3. I’ve been working a few DIY projects that I can’t wait to show you in an upcoming blog posts!

4. I went Black Friday shopping and I regret every minute of it. I’m returning half the things I bought tomorrow and it kills me that I have to go back to the mall. I really hope that I don’t cry because of the anxiety. On a bright note, I found a parking space on the first try, so that counts for something right.

5. I really need to iron a clothes, but I’m feeling lazy so I’m quite sure that it’s not going to happen. Wait….Can you hear the Netflix calling you or is it just me?!? It’s just me….

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