Sunday Currently 3.3

I know that it has been a while since you have really heard from me, but it’s almost as if I have had nothing good to say. I’ve been reading quite a bit which you can tell from the plethora of book reviews on here. I have also been on an endless loop of cold brew coffees and napping between my 2 jobs. Expect a revamp and a bit more from me soon, but until then here are some thoughts from me today along with a few links that I think you’ll enjoy.

reading a few blogs, but mainly Again, but Better and Rules of Civility this week
writing  this post at least for now. I really need to catch up on journalling
listening to that Machine Gun Kelly song that has been on repeat on the radio lately
thinking I probably should be getting more sleep than I actually am lately
wishing that I had a bit more money or more will-power not to look at all the fall clothes
hoping that I can get a bit more things done, so that I can attempt to feel ahead in life.
wearing a sweater and these pixie pants from Old Navy. I highly recommend them!
loving pumpkin spice iced chai’s and the way my instagram has been looking lately
wanting this necklace from Stella&Dot and these pants from Old Navy, I think
needing a bit more holiday cheer and a bit more time
feeling the anticipation of something new might be just around the corner
eating Junior Mints, mexican food, and salads
anticipating Umbrella Academy season 2. See this announcement
watching Youtube videos and Hawaii 5-0 again
things for my birthday weekend and next summer!?!
looking forward to days off to create more and sleep in
need to finish My Okinawa album and so many other things
main goal at least 2 books for this week and hopefully you are seeing a new look to this site.

Also Matt has a podcast through his radio station and he’s gotten to interview some pretty cool people, so you should give it a listen here.

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