Sunday currently v 2.10

Today I’m linking up with Lauren from Siddathornton. I’ve read her blog off and on for several years. I don’t even remember how I discovered her blog, but it’s beautiful and you should check it! Below is my currently list for today. Everything here will get better in time and I’m hoping that you will stick with me. Please pardon if there is a break from Sunday Confessions for a bit things are getting crazy at work, but I will surely try to be back here with more posts.
reading Girl on the Train, I really need to finish it this week since I’ve already renewed it once
writing at least this post for now and updating my to do list for things that need to get done this week
listening to the current quietness as I type this
thinking that I should probably finish editing at least a few more videos tonight and prep a few more posts for the coming week
wishing that there was more time to do things
hoping that these next couple of weeks will go smoothly since it has been a rough couple of ones
wearing boring clothes because I haven’t decided to change into pajamas for the night yet
loving that I finally get to go on vacation soon and that today was a good day
wanting to have a bit more energy to do things in the coming week
needing a bit more peace and time since the coming week is going to be a doozy
feeling a bit overwhelmed but I know that everything will come together nicely, I think


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