Sunday Currently v 2.22



I know that I’ve been slacking a little this weekend with the post, but I’m hoping that I can catch up and work forward, by doing a few of these link-up parties. Below is my currently list for today. Everything here will get better in time and I’m hoping that you will stick with me.
reading Girl on the Train and The Night Circus. I’m still working on catching up on my reading list for this year
writing at least this post for tonight. It has been a day of too much excess.
listening I’m actually loving the silence at the moment.
thinking that I should probably get back to that episode of Gilmore Girls so I watch one more movie for my project
wishing for motivation this week
hoping that my camera will actually be in stock at the store tomorrow
wearing grungy clothes because it is too early in the night to shower and get changed
loving that it has been a good 3 day weekend and I’m feeling rested
wanting to get a few more things done before the week officially starts
needing a bit more balance in my life. I just can’t seem to do everything I want to.
feeling the need for more motivation and love

anticipating all the things I need to do in the coming weeks and hoping that it all gets done.
Gilmore Girls and soon to be another movie

projects for the blog and #30lists this month
looking forward to
 more creativity and more enjoyment
more creative content all around
need to finish 
at least one section of a project this week
main goal
 to finish at least one book this week

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