Sunday Currently v 2.24

I know that I haven’t been around much lately, but I’m hoping that I can catch up and work forward. I hope that this will be a way for you to get a more complete look into my life on a Sunday. Below is my currently list for today,also after today Sunday Currently will be taking a break for the coming month and will return in November.
reading A Discovery of Witches
writing at least this post for tonight though I probably should write a few more posts since I am behind
listening to the sounds of silence at the moment. Silence is golden right now
watching Gilmore Girls.  That show is so addicting! Also tons of movies for more posts and the October project announcement coming this week
eating nothing at the moment, but I did just finish poi mocha donuts which were quite good
 I probably should get around to editing those videos so that they can go up this week.
wishing that the weekend wasn’t over yet
hoping that this week goes smoothly since there are so many things to do!
wearing workout clothes because I haven’t changed out of them yet
loving that I’ve been able to get some things done this weekend and actually relax a bit
wanting to feel a bit more relaxed and less stressed out
feeling motivated and creative at the moment

anticipating a full week of things that I should be doing and accomplishing, but don’t want to
planning to write at least this post for tonight and have it be a very fulfilling week this week!
looking forward to my birthday even though it is still over a month away
creating my #30days of lists for September and hopefully working on other projects soon
need to finish 
at least one project this week
main goal 
to finish at least one book this week and a good chunk of a project this week


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