Sunday Currently v 2.32

Happy New Year! I know that I have not been around lately, due mostly in part to the holidays and partly because I’ve been feeling slightly uninspired lately, but I will be back here on a more regular basis and YES I am working on a regular schedule among other things for this year. Today I’m linking up with Lauren from Siddathornton. I’ve read her blog off and on for several years. I don’t even remember how I discovered her blog, but it’s beautiful and you should check it! Below is my currently list for today. Everything here will get better in time and I’m hoping that you will stick with me.
reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (I need to finish and post my re-read since #HPDec is already done), also This is where it ends
writing… at least this post. I’ve already written one other post today which is good, progress is being made.
listening to the news currently. It’s about that time. I really need to get better at putting this post up earlier.
thinking that I should probably get a few more chores done, before snuggling down for the night
wishing for peace and resilience
hoping for peace.
wearing boring clothes because I haven’t decided to change into pajamas for the night yet
loving my family and friends and holding them a bit closer after this crazy week
wanting more consistency and bigger dream
feeling calm and ready for the week ahead, I think?
eating nothing at the moment, but dinner was so good

anticipating the many things coming toward the end of the month
watching Criminal Minds on Netflix
planning for a few things that will hopefully go well this month
looking forward to my next trip hop which happens in a matter of weeks
creating more content here for now, creativity work!
need to finish at least one project for work this week and a few more posts for here
main goal workout at least 3 times this week

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