Sunday Currently v 2.35

I know that I’ve been slacking a little  with the posts, but I’m hoping that I can catch up and work forward, by doing a few of these link-up parties. Today I’m linking up with Lauren from Siddathornton. I’ve read her blog off and on for several years. I don’t even remember how I discovered her blog, but it’s beautiful and you should check it! Below is my currently list for today. Everything here will get better in time and I’m hoping that you will stick with me.
reading A Lying Game Novel and Uncommon Criminals from Heist Society
writing… at least this post for now. I’m trying to get more inspired to write posts again
listening to the current quietness as I type this, it’s been a busy day
thinking that I should probably get a bit more done before settling down for the night
wishing for peace and resilience for this crazy week
hoping for peace.
wearing boring clothes because I haven’t decided to change into pajamas for the night yet
loving that I am so blessed and loving life lately. Only good things
wanting more love, more time, and more peace
feeling a bit overwhelmed at my crazy to-do list this week, but I think that it will all work out
eating nothing at the moment, but dinner is starting to smell good

anticipating the crazy thing that is called the work week and Weekend camp coming all too soon
watching Criminal Minds on Netflix
planning at least a few things for the future and hoping that a few more come in a matter of weeks
looking forward to happy mail and gifts
creating more creative content for my youtube channel finally and feeling a bit more creative
need to finish at least one project for work and at least one book this week
main goal get at least 3 videos up by the end of this month

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