Sunday currently v 2.1

I used to link up on Sundays with Alyx from It’s Alyx, but she has been on leave from the blogging world for a while. Alyx, if you get to reading this Hello! I miss reading your blog. Today I’m linking up with Lauren from Siddathornton. I’ve read her blog off and on for several years. I don’t even remember how I discovered her blog, but it’s beautiful and you should check it! Below is my currently list for today. Everything here will get better in time and I’m hoping that you will stick with me.
READING: Tons of blogs and still working on Revenge Wears Prada I’m a slow reader, but I’m hoping to finish it this next week so I can jump right into #HPDec with the NovelTea Book Club
WRITING: New blogposts in anticipation for the upcoming week and the rest of the year
LISTENING: The sound of rain falling , it has been raining like crazy the past couple of days. Also silence which is a good thing at the moment.
GUILTY PLEASURE: Dude! This past week has been filled with cupcakes, cream puffs and such good food. I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving food and swapping Thanksgiving food with The Boy
THINKING: I’m excited for Travis Rice’s new movie The Fourth Phase and I can’t believe the year has flown by so fast already!
NAIL COLOR: At the moment nothing, but I’m thinking that I should get my nails done this week…maybe?
DRINK: water, gotta boost my water content
FOOD: nothing, but is it bad that I’m already thinking about dinner when I just finished lunch?
SMELLING: the rain from outside
HOPING: to not be sick this week since I’ve been feeling an itch for the past week
TV SHOW: Quantico, I’m excited for tonight’s episode
WEARING: a t-shirt and pajama pants
LOVING: that I finally feel like I’m getting ahead on my blog posts. I’m excited for the holiday season and can’t wait to start planning posts for next year!
WISH LIST: For good weather this week, so I can film and a new video camera
NEEDING:  more time to read and relax
FEELING: Motivated 
CLICKING: The keyboard and random currently posts at the moment
EXCITEMENT: I’m super excited for The Fourth Phase, my new planner stickers to come in the mail and for all the shops doing Black Friday sales!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope to see you very soon!


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