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 I recently read Laura from Buy now/blog later for a while and when I read this post I knew I just had to see if The Boy had been paying any attention at all to me.
You can read Laura’s post here
 If you want even more laughter you can read the original post from Kirsty from Life in Excess here

 Or watch Marnie Goldberg’s video here

The premise is simple – list out a series of beauty products and then sit back and listen to the perception of their purpose. He was given the products to view and was asked to describe their purposeI did hope that he would have some sort of knowledge about makeup.

It primes your face for the application of makeup

Apparently it’s a mild sunscreen and it sets the skin to the same color as your skin

I’m not understanding this. Why do these all do the same thing?!? Helps to hide the pores

I’m seriously so confused. Why do they all do the same thing? I seriously have no idea. Finer point that the others

You put it on your cheeks. I have no idea what it does. It adds color to your face. (Benefit box powder)

You could get high off it. (Powder consistency) item to make your skin healthy

It elongates your lashes, highlight your lashes

Eyeliner? Eyeshadow …it applies color to your lids and makes you look beautiful.

Eye kohl/liquid eyeliner
tracing your eyes along the top and bottom edge of your eyes

Brow pencil
I don’t know..mascara for eyebrows to get them into a shape that you prefer

draw attention to your lips, keep it pretty, shiny and moisturized


Now it’s over to you. I seriously urge you to try this with your other half and when you do try and keep a straight face with no laughing 🙂 By the way I didn’t tell him what they did 😉

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