Museum of Aloha

Welcome to another real life post. This is kind of great that this is happening again though I will admit that I was supposed to post this last week instead of the mid year chat, but things happen.

I heard about the Museum of Aloha from a friend and had no idea that it had already been up a month and that it was about to be taken down. I believe that it’s supposed to be model a bit after the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles. Has anyone been to that? How is it? All the instagram pictures look amazing and make me want to go.

Matt and I paid for our tickets , it was $10 a piece for an hour or so. There are two rooms that are timed, but you could wander through the gated area for longer just taking pictures.

The tickets looked cute, too bad we didn’t get to keep them. 🙁
The first room you were able to go into was the lei room. There were thousands of fake flower leis hung up. I can’t remember how many the guy said were hung.


It was supposed to be a maze, but you could hear where the next room was so it wasn’t challenging. Matt finally got to do his Hobby Lobby challenge picture properly, so that was a bonus for him. It was kind of cool to see the color coordination of some of the leis and how they tried to do a gradient or rainbow in some areas.
The next room was the confetti volcano room. There was a ton of confetti on the floor and you were able to stuff the volcano or the cannon and take pictures as it went off. It went off 3 or 4 times. It was pretty cool!
I tried hard to look cute in all these photos, but honestly I look like a weirdo here.
And a weird cat here. I’m seriously not annoyed at the confetti.
They usher you out of the room after that and give you stickers to put on an oversized statute of a bear and that was incredibly anti climatic.
Around the outside there were several sets of angel wings, so of course more pictures
There’s also a cute picture on my instagram profile of me with angel wings. Matt says I’m the worst photographer of trying to get him with angel wings, but perhaps it just means that it’s time for me to get a new phone.
In a booth before you exit there was a place giving nitrogen filled ice cream balls, so it looked like you were smoking. The frozen ice cream reminded me of food they give to astronauts in space. They also sell that stuff at the Air & Space museum in Washington D.C. if you want to try some. I heard there’s another place that does nitrogen infused food, so perhaps we’ll have to go and try that sometime.

The last thing was a mirror photo booth with crepe paper, which you could also take pictures in. The reflective crepe paper made it really hard to take pictures.

I’m really glad that I found out about this and that Matt and I were able to go. I can’t wait to show you more fun things that we get up to in Hawaii. Let me know if there’s anything specific that you would like us to check out. I’ll see you soon with another post.

Breakout Waikiki

Hello Everyone!

I haven’t done a Hawaii post in a while mostly because I have been vlogging them over on my youtube channel. Although I thought it was time to do a post on this. In the past couple of years Breakout Rooms have turned into a huge craze and are popping up everywhere. There’s probably one coming to a town near you. Today I’m going to talk about my experience at Breakout Waikiki, although I have done another breakout room challenge (it no longer exists) I definitely prefer Breakout Waikiki.
Breakout Waikiki is located on 131 Kaiulani Ave. In the King’s Village Shopping Center if you are a local. Look for this image below otherwise there’s a chance you might miss it. They have expanded to the second floor of King’s village, but the main check in desk is still here.

I probably should mention that you should pre-book your room through their website. Look around for coupon codes or ask if people have referral codes before booking because that will definitely save you money.

You should probably arrive at the site 10 minutes early just in case. Once you signed in to your room, if there isn’t anyone before you the receptionist or another worker will take you back into the room. I can’t show you pictures from the room since there’s no photography or use of smart phones in the rooms, they usually provide you with everything you need. There’s an introductory video that plays explaining the concept of breakout room. (It’s a room in which you are locked in there for a finite amount of time and given clues for finding a code to get out, there’s usually some ridiculous story that goes along with it). The second video usually explains the concept of the room. I’ve done everything from crazy clown escaped, Y2K, corrupt stock exchange broker, to save the world.

I will tell you that I only haven’t broken out of one of the rooms. I also may have amazingly smart friends 😉 I can also tell you that here there’s usually a room within the room and that there is some math involved. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed it. The most recent time we completed it was last week and here’s our winning picture. We were really hoping to get on the leader board for the month, but we were a bit too slow. You can only qualify for the leader board if no one has done the room before.

They also sell t-shirts and tanks that you can purchase there. You’ll definitely have to ask the receptionist on what qualifies you to purchase the shirt. The receptionist was kind enough to give us commemorative stickers though.

I’m looking to go back here since they are suppose to open a new room soon, although I’m told that a new breakout room challenge is opening in Waikiki before the end of the year!
Let me know if you have tried a breakout room and what you thought. If you have any recommendation on ones that I should try in the Oahu area let me know. I’ll see you soon with another post soon 🙂

Shark Bait

Image result for shark bait graham salisbury

I’m back again with yet another book review. I know that I am unintentionally turning this into a book blog, but at least you have consistent posts from me for a little bit right?!?

Let’s get back to the topic at hand. This book review in case you haven’t noticed is about the book Shark Bait by Graham Salisbury. This was one of my reads for the Creating & Co Readathon: Relaxathon. This book covered a book under 200 pages and a book about water. I actually only finished 2 books for the Readathon as of the writing of this post.

This book takes place over the course of 24 hours. We catch up with Eric aka Mokes ,on what would appear to be an ordinary summer day. It is on this day that the navy ship will be pulling up into harbor to stay for the night in Kona. Mokes is talked into telling his dad that he’ll be home by 6pm since his dad, the chief of police knows what can happen when the navy comes to town. Mokes, has been told by several of his friends, that one of his good friends Booley, who has had issues with the navy for a long time will be showing them who is boss. Mokes doesn’t want to be the only one of his friends to miss out on the action and he also doesn’t want to betray the trust of his parents.

I will try and keep my promise to not spoil the ending of the book too much, but it was quick read. This middle grade novel set on the island of Hawaii written about local kids doing local things is always a hit with me. Add to that, that it is written by one of my favorite middle grade authors, I might be biased but I would definitely recommend reading this book. The only thing that I wished that they had done for the book is put in a glossary for all the pidgin terms, because I think that would help reading that for someone not from Hawaii.

Let me know if you have read this book and what you thought. If you have any recommendations for books I should read this year, let me know 🙂 I’ll since I participated in the Creating & Co June Relaxation Readathon, so they’ll be a ton more reviews coming soon! I’ll see you soon with another post.


Hawaii: Mighty Mo Adventure



I know that it has been a while since I’ve written a post here. I have been making youtube videos on a pretty regular basis, which is good in that sense but that also means that I’ve been slacking on my resolutions. I had been hoping on doing a resolutions for the new year post, but it’s been a while so maybe I won’t.

I really came to post about the adventure I went on this past weekend. So crazy enough living in Hawaii all these years I have never been to visit the U.S.S. Missouri. It has only been docked in Hawaii officially since January 29, 1999. For work, the Boy and I had the opportunity to participate as chaperones for the Overnight Encampment Program. Our program started Sunday afternoon and went until Monday morning. Our coordinator Neal, was super knowledgeable about the history of the U.S.S. Missouri and World War II in general. As you will see from the photo stream below ( I apologize for this post being image heavy) The ship is pretty amazing and has an amazing history!0117161655 a semi panorama view of the U.S.S. Missouri from the dock
view of Pearl Harbor from the ship


a photo of the official surrender

copies of the documents of surrender
0117162019plaque where the official surrender documents were signed. According to Neal, this is the second piece of glass that was put in on the ship since the first one was damaged in combat since the ship went through several wars since it was first installed.

The sunset from the ship was absolutely amazing. The photo at the beginning of this post was also a picture of the sunset.

We helped to bring down the flag for the day.

We also helped to fold the flag up for the day.

models of the ship aboard the ship

We also had the opportunity to raise the flag the next day.

If you are ever in Hawaii I highly recommend that you go and check out the U.S.S. Missouri. The tour and everything we got to do was really amazing! I was super enthralled with the history of the ship.Also to note, I probably at some point will do a post on the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial and the rest of Pearl Harbor since we talked about going back to play tourist. I hope that you enjoyed this post and that I will see you in another one very soon!


Skating Rink in Hawaii


As I’ve watched Christmas movies over the years not to mention numerous occasions of watching ice skating competitions I’ve often envied the outdoor skating rinks. Being as I’ve lived in Hawaii most of my life I’ve never had the pleasure of skating on an outdoor rink until now. Last week, a mall near me called Ward Village decided to open up an outdoor skating rink for the whole month of December. The Boy and I decided to go check it out last night.
1201151854 1201151803

It’s actually pretty awesome. The fees for the rink include skate rental and 1 1/2 hours of ice skating. Apparently they use the same technology to create the man made rink for ice shows around the country. It’s pretty safe.


no lace up skates for this ice rink. They do have the option for hockey skates if you are really good, but we chose figure skates.


He ended up being better than I was.


Apparently my body has forgotten that year of ice skating lessons. Or perhaps I’ve become incredibly more unbalanced/disproportional than before?


Even though ice skating came easier to grasp for him, standing still against the barrier was a harder feat. I don’t get it….

We stopped at the small concession stand in the area to reward ourselves with their version of smore’s and beverages.

It was a great excursion and I’m glad that I got to experience an outdoor ice rink in Hawaii. Hopefully I’ll see you in my next post!