Take the Challenge with me!


Recently, pro snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler created her own line of water bottles called the Alex bottle but that’s not all she did. She also has been incredibly passionate about saving the planet because she has firsthand witnessed the changes that have occurred during her career. She through down a gauntlet to anyone willing to take the challenge. Which is the 21 day reusable challenge, it was mostly for the Winter X games, but still. . .

Gretchen developed the challenge on the basis that it takes 21 days to create a habit and some of the biggest waste that goes into landfills are plastic bags, plastic water bottles, and styrofoam containers. You can learn more about the Reusable Challenge here.

I’ve personally been on the Reusable Challenge for roughly 18 days. I would have been on it longer, but I had to restart it because some days are rougher than others.  I’ve probably made my challenge a little bit harder because I’ve also added paper cups to it since I frequent Starbucks and The Coffee Bean so much. The challenge hasn’t always been easy for me, but if I’ve make it to the end of this week, I’ll have definitely created a habit and it will have me thinking more consciously about the environment.

I would not say that I did not care about the environment, but sometimes I don’t consciously think about recycling. Where I lived recently got additional recycling bins so that it makes it easier for people to recycle. You could already recycle cans, water bottles, soda bottles, beer bottle, and other drinkable bottles by taking them to a collection center. The collection center did not allow you to recycle other things though like spaghetti sauce jars, sour cream containers and etc. The new recycling bins provided to every household now give people a chance to recycle the odd containers around the house  as well as recycling yard waste (for those of us that don’t want to create a mulch pile). It is easy to think about the things you would normally recycle but it’s harder to think about the things you would not normally recycle. Last night while I was home I noticed that I was out of my hand sanitizer I was going to throw the container in the trash, but then I thought to check to see what kind of plastic it was. Thank you little triangle friend it was a 1 acceptable recycle and it hit the recycle bin just like that.

I know that Mac Cosmetics lets their customers recycle their used makeup containers. I’m not totally positive on all the details but I think its anything that has plastic or glass and you can exchange for a lipstick. Check their website or your local counter for details.

I’m going to continue on my challenge and find new ways to recycle, but I triple dare you to take the challenge for yourself. 🙂

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