Tantalizing Tuesday ♥ 2.23.10

Here’s just a few of the things I’ve been feasting my eyes on lately:
Frends here’s just one article on a company that’s been driving Skullcandy to incredible sales. If you’re not checking out this company or haven’t heard of them. Check out their website, it’s  been creating buzz.

-We’ve all experienced it at one point or anther, but here’s one article on facebook fatigue. Also, I finally saw The Social Network movie and at the end of the movie all I thought was that Mark Zuckerberg was a sad human being that pushed everyone away from him. His revenge plan failed because he didn’t get the girl, so seriously what does that say about him?

-With the largest shopping season ready to hit us in the face in a matter of days and a growing number of people burying them in the chronic buying of stuff.  Here’s one way to tackle that issue of shopping.

-My friend has been cranking out reviews on his obsession turned profession of cars. If you want to know if the car is worth the buy, check to see if he’s reviewed it and if the drive on the car is really worth all the hype.

-Like many women in the world, until you get measured you never know that you are wearing the wrong bra. There’s even a blog dedicated to all the bras of the world. Don’t forget you should check measured every 6 months ladies. Here’s another blog you might want to check too.

-This blog has 35 lessons in 35 years. A good parent starter conversation. You should read it and show it to your friends. Almost as good as that new show on CBS.

-Some hot photos of Lance Bass from the past year viewed here and here or even here

-Beginning with Snowboard lighting: It would definitely be a good way to recycle those used boards and have creative lighting.

-Action Sports USB drives: In the shape of snowboards, skateboards, and surfboards. You can’t play with these as much as the minature toys you crave. You can get them at Office Max, Office Depot, or Awsm

-If you ever lose your bindings on a snowboarding trip or if they break. No worries, here’s a board that you can still have fun snowboarding but without the bindings. Get it here.

-You want to skate board,but are too old to carry around a RipStick. Give this a go. It’s a Rolls rolls skateboard. A fast easy way to get around town without having to ruin your shoes and you can look trendy without looking too hipster.

-Ever wanted the skateboard that Marty McFly uses in Back to the Future? If you haven’t seen the movie I can only guide you to the nearest rental place and tell you rent it. If you seen it and didn’t get the board then you still can here.

-The old broken down skateboards piling up in your garage? Why not have a DIY project and make your own furniture. Or better yet use it to build your staircase? Still not working for you? Well how about some stools to liven up your seating area You could also create some modern art for your house without people really knowing

-Too modern for you? Well, how about going a little hipster and have a belt buckle made from an old skate deck. That would definitely be a way to keep your old deck and show off some old battle scars. If you are cool enough to cut your down decks then you could definitely have this cool room divider that would double as a way to air dry your clothes.
Hope that you spend your days never getting board and always fascinated by everything.

-Perhaps this article by Todd Richards will make you want to snowboard Japan

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