Tantalizing Tuesday ♥ 5.24.11

Life has been crazy and it’s felt way too much like summer lately although summer for adults is so different. I’m craving staying up late and living on less sleep than I normally would, but knowing that I have to get up in the morning to get to work kind of saddens me. Here’s just a few things I’ve been loving and have been peeking my interest:

-Wasabi ginger dressing
-post from the Daily Love especially on the Chemistry of Love
-Finding The Breakup Club
-making Youtube videos
-getting packages
-my boss being away from the office for a bit 😛
-lovely lunches with friends
-taking independent classes
-going to temple
-new music: Hayley Taylor , She wants Revenge , Gaslight Anthemn , Mumford & Sons
– Reading on how to properly approach members of the opposite sex
– there’s an Eat the Street Event this weekend and I’m excited!

What are you loving or craving?

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