Tantalizing Tuesday ♥ 2.16.10

Seriously I think it just did… I was hunting on Femme Rationale for various things when I stumbled across her blog post from a while back….A book like cover for your Macbook. I nearly orgasmed at the desk. If it were so expensive $80 and having technical shipping difficulties I would be all over it! I forgot you can find this at Twelve South, so check it out!

And oh yes the world will become mine…mwahahahah… just kidding 😉 However aquanotes is the other latest invention I found. I watched the advertising video on youtube and couldn’t believe it. Now if only to convince the rest of the family that it is a worthy undertaking to have these in the shower. What a way to save all the creativity from slipping away when you turn off the water and step away from the shower

What is happening to Avril Lavigne? Her contribution to the Alice and Wonderland soundtrack was mildly disappointing and the slowness of her producing a new record has become mostly a joke due to the fact that she’s still insisting on working with her ex. If you haven’t heard the song here it is:

Samurai Chopsticks so now you can really have food fights 😉

Since the upcoming world cup will be shown in 3D why not play with a see through soccer ball and the computer technology to go with it. Find it here by Agent!

Tokidoki and Sephora are teaming up to create a makeup line featuring the famed heart & crossbones. Wonder how the makeup will turn out?!?  

I’m not gonna lie since the Olympics I’ve been loving snowboarding and Half Pipe more than usual. The Fishtale boards could be a head turner if I ever actually used them on the slopes.
For those unfamiliar with the work of Frank deLima, this is an older piece. I just rediscovered this video and was made to feel extremely old by a kid that didn’t understand the reference. I don’t even know if he laughed at the video 🙁

Sorry guys 🙂 Hannah Teter created an underwear line that supports causes. It’s called Sweet Cheeks.  The first one says “Make Love Not War” and is to benefit Doctors without Borders. If all the causes are good and worthwhile and the panties are cute it worth my money though not for a little while though.

After seeing Iron Man and the sequel who honestly hasn’t wanted to be Tony Stark? Or at least have the toys he does? Well, a Swiss manufacturer thought that people would like it for at least when they are out playing in the snow they can see what time it is. You also check a small name plate attached to their Watch Monument in the Aspen Mountains.  Check out there site here

My favorite musician of all time is finally getting the recognition he deserves. He’s been featured with Bette Midler when she performed for the Queen and now he’s taking over Hollywood. Remember the name Jake Shimabukuro. Here’s a video featuring him in Justin James’ music video:

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