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Today I’m linking up with Lenora, Julie Ann, and Erika for an Thanksgiving Bloghop. I’m a little late, but better lat than never right?

I was tempted to write this post at work today, but decided that I wanted to do a rather comprehensive post. To begin with at the end of March, my co-worker challenged a group of friends to keep a gratitude journal every day for 1 month. Everyone kept a gratitude journal in their own way for at least a month. Since April I have been keeping the journal every day and today I’m going to highlight a few entries from each month.

-April 12: my friend Ian being alive
-April 13: March of Dimes for Babies
-April 22: Watching Up on Poppy Hill

-May 12: My mom for always being there
-May 18: My wonderful and crazy friends
-May 21: My dad

-June 6: getting a brand new mattress
-June 16: Family brunch with my dad
-June 22: Living in an amazing place with views for days!

-July 8: Hanging out and learning from an accomplished scholar
-July 18: Meeting the new head of school for the high school at work
-July 28: Being saved from a possible hurricane

-August 9: Time in the mountains with friends
-August 19: new projects

-September 2: giving to charity and running in Run or Dye with my mom
-September 21: Hearing my friend sing again
-September 22: seeing one of Sadako’s paper crane and meeting some of her family

-October 9: Taking steps to my future
-October 13: my wonderful nephew’s 4th birthday
-October 31: Travels into history

-November 2: For making through another year
-November 21: For feeling grateful every day

I can’t even begin to tell you how much some of these little accomplishments mean, but hopefully I will get the chance to tell you more about it someday. This project has made me remember that there is something to be thankful for every day not just on Thanksgiving. Hopefully I’ll see you with another blogpost soon!

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