The Favorite Sister

I know that I have been promising real posts for some time, but that time isn’t yet so please enjoy the plethora for book reviews that are coming your way. I finally finished this book after starting and stopping this book for months. The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll was the Paper & Glam Book Club read for April simply because of the umbrella on the cover.

The short synopsis of the book is that it is told through the eyes of several of people jumping through their points of view. The main points of view are that of Brett, a gay woman that has made her million on being on reality tv and then developing an exercise company called SPOKE. Kelly, is Brett’s older sister that is a single mom and doesn’t approve of Brett’s life choices. The book also talks through other characters, which are only minor to the story. In the story, we go behind the scene to the makings of a season of a reality show in which Brett is killed during the filming.

I apologize that this review will not be as in-depth as my reviews usually are, but I found the book rather dull and uninteresting which is why I kept putting it down throughout reading it. If you like reality tv and are interested some of the stories behind the scenes of a fictional reality tv show this book is for you. Honestly this book being marketed as a mystery thriller is a bit of a joke, since though we find out that Brett is dead in the beginning of the book we don’t even really touch on why she might be dead throughout the book and don’t come back to that topic until the end of the book.

I’ll be back soon with more reviews and hopefully a surprise in the future that will bring you back to reading the blog once more. Happy Reading!

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