The snowglobe effect

I know this post being called The snowglobe effect with a picture of being poolside does not make much sense yet. I long to be poolside and have relaxing days of summer where I can wake up and go to the beach or lay by the pool for hours, but it seems that right now everything in my life is topsyturvy.

I call it the snowglobe effect most people will just call it change. I refer it in this way because often times for me change happens one thing at a time being in the snowglobe effect change happens all at once just like when you shake a snowglobe. It happens so violently, unexpectedly and all that once that even though it may look lovely from the outside it does not seem so great from the inside.

I did not expect to be in a complete snowglobe effect right now in my life, but it has happened and I’m learning to deal with all the changes that are happening right now. I do not know where I’ll be when the dust settles but I hope that I’m continuing to blog. More reviews coming soon.

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