The things you would never say

On my twitter I write to random famous people in hopes that I will be lucky enough to get a reply cause somehow that will justify me having a twitter. Lame, I am deeply aware and yet I continue to do it.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to an athlete that had been recommended that I follow by several other people. I started following him and wrote him once just to see if he would reply. Since, I’ve gotten very addicted to “Scrabble” online I thought I would offer to play him. This brings up another subject but I digress for this blog. He wrote me back and was nice enough.

*I am deeply aware of the shallow bone in my body which craves attention and acceptance in such an odd way. I am nearly grown out of that crazy obsessive nature that teenagers and other people go through, although I can totally understand why some people would chose to put me in this category.*

One night I have this dream where I am at a party with him and his friends and decide to pull my signature pick up move (patent pending). I pull the move on him and let’s just say the move is very complimentary when pulled. He looks at me and asks me not to ever do that again. I always try to place people in the best light in my dreams, although there are moments where it could be better. And being that it was a dream the way I dreamt it made it like he just slapped me in the face. I pull back in horror and can’t even hear the rest of the party around me, of course this would be the part where I wake up.

This made me think of a friend I had back in college. I won’t use names for fear he’ll actually read this but someone had to do it. We were once on a road trip with another friend and were partway through the first leg of the trip, he blurts out exactly what he was thinking at the moment. The friend and I turn to each other in disbelief to make sure that we both heard the same thing and casually pretend that it was okay to say that. It’s never okay to say that kind of thing out loud EVER!

I’m sure that we’ve all at a Phoebe moment from Friends in the early years where Monica would remind Phoebe to filter her thoughts before she said things and Phoebe would forget to do that and say something completely Phoebeish. I’m sure that you’ve thought things about people and things that you’re thought about saying but would never say in real life. Perhaps you’re had moments like that in your life or perhaps you’ve known people like that.

What are things you would never say to people that you wish you could say?

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