There’s a bit of light in the tunnel

I’m not sure if I’ll be back on the blog next week, so I thought I would leave you with some things to keep you occupied.

Apparently, not everyone gets what they want for Christmas. At least be destructive and get points for it: Spoiled Rotten

My favorite Musician redesigned his website and is dropping a new album after the new year so check it: Jake Shimabukuro

Dean Gray Blotto is an amazing snowboard photographer and sends awesome sticker packages (more on this in a later blog) but you should check his website:Twenty Ten

This t-shirt shop has the most unique dyes I’ve ever seen. There’s a catalog you can request and they ship everywhere, check them out: Crazy Shirts

One of my local shirt and cap shops makes awesome street wear as well as doing awesome collaborations check out the surfing one here & and the skate one here.

I had nearly forgotten about this! But if you are a fan of Hawaii 5-0 version 2010 then you’ll get what this means. If not then you should consider watching the show so Alex O’Laughlin can continue to take shirt off to entertain the ladies! Get your Kukui High merchandise at the Logo Shop.

Here are some quotes to get you through these days:

Everyone should listen to the Buddha Dharma even if it means giving up what little free time they have to do so. However well intended, that kind of thinking, that we should listen to the Buddha Dharma only when we have free time, actually marks a new low point in our lives. For as the Buddha Dharma gently reminds us:Never assume there’s going to be a tomorrow to do so.-Rennyo Shonin

Gratitude on the common, conventional level is a response to favors, kindness, and good fortune received from others. But gratitude on the religious level is an affirmation of the gift of life. Gratitude is based on the Buddhist world view, that any happening is the product of countless causes  and conditions. We can not understand all the elements that contribute to making possible each moment, encounter or event in our lives.-Thanksgiving Day by Masami Hayashi

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