Things I love ♥ 4.2.13


I have not done one of these in forever and thought it was about high time that I did one again. Even though, I feel like my life is going crazy and is overly stressful there are still bright spots in it. Above is a flower I found a couple of weeks ago on a walk with a friend on the university campus.

  • watching The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under on Netflix
  • Getting my tax returns back
  • Hoomalu Cafe Chicken
  • CPK Dine Day
  • lunch and catching up with a friend
  • my personal facebook exploding with comments after camp 🙂
  • going camping with the high school students and having such an amazing camp

I also want to make No Bake Peanut Butter Bites so bad along with deep dish chocolate chip cookies
This reminds me Eleanor Roosevelt was so amazing
This may just be my next project
This and this reminds me of how much work I want to do on here this year

Walk off the Earth- Summer Vibe

William Tell Just for You

Mumford and Sons Lover of the Light

-My co-worker got me doing a 21 day challenge for a gratitude list which also made me think of this article

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