Things I love ♥ 5.16.14

I am determined to do this series of posts at least once a month. I love doing this one especially because it shows you some of the things I have been loving lately along with some great links also.

    • Catching up on blogs
    • Caramel macchiatos
    • Netflix especially the Carrie Diaries, CSI: NY, and random movies
    • Pat Moore’s :Blueprint series on Red Bull’s youtube especially this episode
    • Travis Rice talks about the history of Baldface and rides with Eric Jackson and Mark McMorris here
    • my friend, Travis has an awesome youtube
    • Also still working on #100happydays challenge Follow my instagram here
    • glass straws from Simply Straws, I can’t wait to order!
    • Chris Carabba’s project band Twin Forks especially this song (Can’t be broken)
    • Matt Devine’s project band Wrongchilde especailly this song (Falling in love will kill you)
    • Love this song also

Calvin Harris-Summer

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What have you been loving lately?

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