Things I love ♥ 5.31.13

My life has been crazy lately and I know that I have not talked about things I love in a long time. Here’s just a few snapshots from my life lately along with some wonderful link. Sorry that this post is a little image heavy.
On the way to the March of Dimes walk. It’s finally spring and the flowers are in bloom!

I did the March of Dimes walk with my mom in honor of all the help they gave my nephew when he was born.

I spotted a pair of Ghostbusters during the March of Dimes walk

I took Aiko to a birthday dinner from a placed that served okonomiyaki and it was amazing!

My office went out to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day and one of my boss’s birthdays and I got quiche

I had business coffee at this place that does amazing coffee art. The person I was with could not believe that this was coffee art!

KonaBoy and I went to dinner one night at this place that served Mempachi on the menu and I think he nearly died.

One of the desserts from Mother’s Day Brunch at the Honolulu Design Center

I have also been loving:

  • Pandora since I finally decided to make an account
  • Snow Leopard for Apple since I just got it
  • my itouch 5
  • Farm Heros Saga
  • Demons by Imagine Dragons
  • Up in the Air by 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood
  • Heartbreaker by Mstrkrft
  • Ashes like snow by Lily Kershaw
  • If you could see me now by The Script

I will see you soon, I think…


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