Things I love ♥ 7.13.12

Today I’m linking up with Lauren from My Grey Desk for a High Five for Friday post also known as Things I love lately. Posts for the Things I love will vary from Thursdays to Fridays depending on the week, but they will definitely be navigating from Tantalizing Tuesdays. Sorry for the inconveniences.



KonaBoy picked up a Keroppi and a Hello Kitty at the store this week because he thought they were together. Even though they aren’t together I got a Keroppi to live in my car and he now has a Hello Kitty for his place 🙂


I just picked up the latest Jon McLaughlin cd Promising Promises and its absolutely amazing I can’t even. You just need to listen to him and see how amazing and underrated he is for yourself.

3.  I’ve been finishing a few books lately and hopefully that means more reviews here. I know I’m a slacker, but I have a ton of posts planned and upcoming and you are going to love them all, books and movies 🙂

4. I’ve been loving meeting up with friends for drinks and catching up.  A white wine or a moscato after work definitely has been perfectly hitting the spot.

5. I’ve been obsessively watching my netflix again recently and I’ve been really loving it! I found Lipstick Jungle and I forgot why I stopped watching that show and it got cancelled. I’m almost done with the series, so if there’s anything you recommend I watch let me know.

I hope that you are having an amazing Friday and have an amazing weekend ahead of you.

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