Things I love ♥ 7.20.12

Today I am once again linking up with Lauren from My Grey Desk for a High Five for Friday post 🙂 Procrastination, busyness and almost sickness have been getting the better of me these past couple weeks. I will be better though.

1. KonaBoy and I saw The Amazing Spiderman on Thursday. I will save my thoughts for an upcoming review. I promise!

2. Buffalo Wild Wings- KonaBoy and I went for the first time as a couple on Tuesday and loved it.  We even double dated with his roommate. We may end up going again in the future, but probably not on a Tuesday.

3. My first order from JustFab came this week and I’m super excited to about it. I can’t wait to show you my new shoes excluding the ones I have to return because they do not fit true to size 🙁

4. Cooking- I have been having urges to cook recently and the only things that has been stopping me has been time. Tonight after a work function I will be making Cold Tuna Pasta featured below for KonaBoy and I! I also want to make Special K treats with Nutella I tried to make the no bake rice krispies in a while and I really want to try the ones with Nutella, sounds so yummy! Did I also mention that I’ve been craving dutch oven peach cobbler? And I found a recipe for  it for the slow cooker. So tempting to try.


Yup, I’m super excited to be a participant in this arm party! I can’t wait to start making a bracelet for my partner. I already have great ideas.

On a side note I’m sending much love to people of Aurora,CO for the tragedy that struck there today. I wish you comfort and peace beyond belief.


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