Things that make me happy

So people often wonder about what to get me as gifts and what makes me happy so here’s a list:

1. Peppermint Mocha Frappaccinos from Starbucks only offered during Winter holiday season or Winter Dream Tea Latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf if you prefer.

2. Jake Shimabukuro cds any new release or Japan release but consult.I have a rather large Jake collection 🙂

3. Dinner at new restaurants/Free food. I ‘m not a connoisseur of food by any right,but I’m always a sucker for restaurants I haven’t tried and my fave foods that are given to me I never turn down.

4. Concert tickets! I will never turn down a concert unless the band is absolutely horrible, I’ve already seen them and they didn’t live up to expectations, I have to work, or I already have tickets to said concert.

5. Visits from friends from far away are always nice! I love ♥ seeing my friends, but don’t get to see a lot of them ’cause most of them live far away, so when I do it’s always a nice surprise!

If this list doesn’t work for you don’t get me anything, but just wish me happy birthday or whatever season it is.

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