To Kill a Kingdom

I’m back with yet another book review. I wish I could say that for Creating & Co’s Journey to Atlantis Readathon I read a couple of books and actually caught up on my Goodreads goal, but I actually only finished one book for the entire week. I probably have a vlog up on my youtube channel documenting part of the readathon week and the following week, where I attempted to read more books.

Let’s get back to real reason you are here. To Kill a kingdom by Alexandra Christo is a Little Mermaid retelling. From the minute you start the book, you can tell that you are about to dive into something amazing. The story is told from the two perspectives of the main characters, Lira and Elian. Lira, is the daughter to the Sea Queen and is also known as the Prince’s Bane, since she has only taken hearts from Princes for her whole life. Elian is also a prince from a land kingdom, but loves the sea and is determined to make it safe for everyone by killing all the sirens including the Prince’s Bane and the Sea Queen.

When Elian’s best friend Cristian is killed by Lira, he becomes more determined than ever to destroy the Sea Queen and begins a hunt to find a mysterious key that would unite both the land and ocean world once and for all. Lira on the other hand was banished from the ocean for killing Cristian, a prince not on her birthday and was told by her mother that she would need to take Elian’s heart before her birthday. Determined to step out of her mother’s shadow and into her own, Lira begins her own quest to destroy the Sea Queen. Lira leads Elian to believe that she is just an ordinary human before he comes to find the truth.

If you enjoyed The Little Mermaid as a child or have enjoyed any off the other retellings that have come out in recent years this is the book for you. I hope to read more Alexandra Christo books in the future and can’t wait to read her next one!

As for the Journey to Atlantis Readathon, I’m sad that I only finished one book for the entire week, but I know that I am still working toward my reading goal for the year to read 52 books and I will get there. Let me know what you have been reading lately? And what would you recommend to read for a friend? Hope to see you soon in another post.

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