V for Vendetta

V for VendettaV for Vendetta Book and Mask Set by Alan Moore
Published by DC Comics on April 27, 2021
Pages: 296
Format: Paperback
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In a world without political freedom, personal freedom and precious little faith in anything comes a mysterious man in a white porcelain mask who fights political oppressors through terrorism and seemingly absurd acts. It's a gripping tale of the blurred lines between ideological good and evil.
The inspiration for the hit 2005 movie starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, this amazing graphic novel is packaged with a collectable reproduction of the iconic V mask.

Welcome back to the blog! I’m really glad that I have a place to document at least some of the books I read. I never really post reviews about personal development books on here, because in general how you feel about those books truly depend on where you are at in life and what you feel you can get out of them.

Back to the real reason you are here though, the book review. The Creating & Co book club for the Noir Readathon back in February chose V for Vendetta as one of the group books. I’ve been a little out of sync with participating in readathons and specific book clubs read, since a good chunk of 2020 sent me into such a reading slump.

Thankfully Matt found the trade book at one of our local used bookstores recently and decided to snatch it up. I really enjoyed reading it, though it took me longer than I expected for a graphic novel. The graphics of the novel were deep and brooding and the words left me thinking and spiraling in my head. I have also seen parts of the movie though sometime soon I plan on rewatching the movie again, just to see how it compares to the book.

I would definitely recommend the graphic novel if you have only seen the movie. I should warn you that I’m told that like the movie there are definitely some graphic moments so if that isn’t your jam don’t read it. I’m definitely moving right along with reading these days and hope to see you soon with another post!


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