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With Summer right around the corner I’m in the need for new sunglasses. Okay, So I really wouldn’t mind a new pair since I haven’t gotten a new pair in a few years. I may have sunglasses fever and realistically living in a tropical climate where it is sunny more days than not I tend to wear my sunglasses all the time! Seriously though even though I work in an office 95% of the day I still see the sun that 5% of the day and being that a I’m short that sun visor on my car just is NOT going to cut it.

I’m not gonna lie I’ve heard about Warby Parker for a few years since they are one of the few companies that actually have an at home trial program for glasses. You can check that out here I was seriously dying to try them out until I found out that they didn’t do that for Hawaii. I guess things and times change. I’m definitely going to be trying out their #WarbyHomeTryOn program super soon. The program is so simple and great I begin to wonder why anyone goes to the store to buy glasses or sunglasses anymore.

Here’s how easy the program is: If you are liked me you love glasses and sunglasses, so you tend to buy quite a few pairs. Sometimes you get ones that don’t quite work out for you. In glasses it is a slightly bigger deal than sunglasses. When I was younger had the hardest time picking out glasses even when I was with my mom to offer support and it only got worse when my mom wasn’t there for moral support. The last time I got a pair of glasses I ended up trying on all the pairs I thought were good in the store and taking selfies to show family and friends to see which one they liked best.

Warby Parker makes the process so much easier! All you have to do is pick out 5 pairs of glasses that you think that you would like fill out some basic information and those pairs of glasses are on their way to you. You then have 5 days to get the opinions of family, friends, and anyone else you care to add to the mix and pick the pair you like and send the rest back. If you end up liking any of the ones you picked out in person you are welcome to send them back pick out some new ones and go through the trial again. The company makes it super easy and it is relatively inexpensive for what you would pay in the store. Not to mention that your family and friends will actually love the glasses you pick out and so will you.

I will definitely be letting you know when I pick up my Warby Parker sunglasses. Let me know if you have picked up Warby Parker glasses or sunglasses and how you like them.


*Warby Parker contacted me to do this post, but the opinion expressed is completely my own.
See you soon!

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